The composition of the Scientific Council astronomical observatory

Vladimir Efimenko (Chair)     PhD, director of Astronomical Observatory

Luk’yanyk Igor (deputy chairman)      PhD., Head of the sector of astrometry and small bodies of the Solar system, Deputy director

Zhdanov Valeriy      Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Head. department of astrophysics

Rosenbush Vira      Doctor of Sciences, Leading Researcher

Parnovskyy Sergey      Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Department of Astrophysics

Lozytsky Vsevolod      Doctor of Sciences, Department of Astrophysics

Ivchenko Vasiliy     Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of astonomy and Space Physics

Hnatyk Bohdan     Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Department of Astrophysics

Mozgova Alena       chairman of Trade Union Bureau Astronomical Observatory